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Coming to Vancouver in the Summer of 2023

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“Life can be cruel at any age, especially when it comes to the elderly. How does one grow old with dignity? What happens when your mind starts going or when you can no longer take care of yourself? What about the burden that places on those nearest and dearest to you?  The subject is ripe for evocative and compelling theatrical treatment and that is where playwright Belinda Lopez comes in.” (Alex First, The Blurb, Melbourne Australia, 2019).


After its successful Australian Premiere in Melbourne, in October 2019, The Window Outside will have its exclusive Canadian Premiere at one of Vancouver's most historic theatre venues - Presentation house Theatre in North Vancouver.  Delicately funny, cleverly truthful, and beautifully told, The Window Outside is an award-winning new play for the stage written by Melbourne-based (American) Playwright Belinda Lopez.

Presentation House Theatre

333 Chesterfield Avenue,

North Vancouver

Director:  William B Davis

Producer:  Liz Connors

A powerful and moving love story....raw, heartfelt and thought-provoking.

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