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Liz Connors

Artistic Director, Wise Owl Theatre

Hailing originally from Drouin (Gippsland, Victoria), Liz stepped trepidly into a beginner's acting class in 1989 while living in Vancouver, Canada.  Thus began her passion and love affair with the theatre. 

Today with a career spanning 30 years Liz is an actor, director, producer and movement coach with professional training in Canada, England, New York and Australia. This includes a Graduate Diploma in Humanities & Social Sciences (Drama) at La Trobe University; a Postgraduate Diploma in Dramatic Art (Actor Training Methodologies) at the University of Melbourne (VCA); a Graduate Certificate in Actor Training at the William Davis Centre for Actors' Study (Vancouver, Canada) and the Carousel Theatre (Vancouver, Canada), Shakespeare at the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art (LAMDA), and further specialized training in physical theatre at Lancaster University (UK), LABAN Movement Analysis, the Williamson Movement Technique at the Actors Movement Studio (NY), Gabrielle Roth's "The 5 Rythyms" and the voice training of Kirsten Linklater.

As a Director, Liz has directed such classics as 'The Importance of Being Earnest' (Oscar Wilde), 'Long Days Journey Into Night' (Eugene O'Neill), Talking Heads (Alan Bennett), 'Junk Rooms' (Stephanie Briarwood), 'Salute the Man' (Jeannie Haughton), 'Laundry & Bourbon' (James McClure) and 'The Window Outside' (Belinda Lopez, 2012, 2019)

As an Actor performances include Shirley in Willy Russell's one-woman play "Shirley Valentine", Oriel in Tim Winton's "Cloud Street", Lindsey in Hannie Rayson's "Life after George", the Countess in Shakespeare's "All's Well that Ends Well" and Nell in Caryl Churchill's "FEN" name a few. 

TV and film credits include Neighbours (Ch 10), It's A Date (ABC, Peter Helliar Director), The Caretaker (feature film - Tom Conyers Director), Walk the Talk (feature film, Dreamworks/21st Century Fox, Shirley Barrett Director), Spud Monkey (feature film, Stuart McBratney Director).

Liz is also a teacher of acting and theatre movement. 

Her work explores the connection between breath and emotion that gives physical and vocal clarity to character development and storytelling. 

To contact Liz please email at:

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