Written by Belinda Lopez

Starring Ian Rooney, Carrie Moczynski, Julie-Anna Evans and Antonia Mochan


Directed by Liz Connors

October 2019

Sponsored by the 2019 Victorian Seniors Festival, Wise Owl Theatre bring Melbourne and regional Victoria audiences a powerful and moving tale of love - the story of Frank and Evelyn, their daughters Sharon and Miranda and how as a family they tread the rocky terrain of ageing, illness and end of life care. 


Pertinent, compelling, this new Australian is not to be missed.  


“The Window Outside is a story about choices - end of life choices”, explains Director Liz Connors. “But further, it is a story about family and where “home” is.  So many elderly people pass away lonely and isolated in huge constructs called Nursing homes, desperate for family, desperate for “home”. Home and displacement are major themes of the play and Frank and Evelyn’s home is everyone’s home, everyone’s family, mother, father. The work questions cultural perspectives, existential suffering and who burdens the responsibility. It contributes greatly to the very public and political conversation on end of life choices and voluntary assisted dying. The Window Outside is that conversation. 

Playing as a part of the 2019 Victorian Seniors Festival at the Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre, The Window Outside also tours Geelong and West Gippsland Arts Centre Warragul throughout October.

This season is proudly supported by Dying with Dignity Victoria and Auspicious Arts Inc.

Touring Schedule

  • Melbourne (1-6 October)

  • Geelong (16-19 October)

  • West Gippsland (29-30 October)


Full tour dates, venues and times are listed on the Tour Dates page.